About Susan Farren

Educator, Public Speaker and Author of
The Fireman’s Wife & Firestorm

About Susan

Susan Farren is an educator, published novelist, a former paramedic with decades of service to the community, a mother of five children, and a woman who has suffered considerable loss and trauma in her own life, and has also achieved a victory over life-threatening cancer in just the past few years.

Susan has seen a lot and done a lot, without putting too fine a point on it. She’s seen terrible accidents, human suffering and pain, and also seen ordinary people come back from those things, and then thrive.

Susan works as a professional speaker now, focusing on the loss, adversity and hardship many people experience in their lives, and offers inspirational guidance to her audience on how to overcome trauma and the different kinds of pain that come with that. Mixing humor and an intimate, personal way of connecting to her audiences with true-life experiences and dramatic anecdotes, Susan is able to effectively hold the attention of her listeners while imparting some great life lessons about never giving up and overcoming adversity a little at a time.

Whether it’s 200 firefighters or 500 cancer survivors, audiences love Susan. And she loves them back. And that comes through, along with her authentic voice. She inspires her listeners, not with histrionic shouting, but with the self-assuredness of someone who has seen things get as bad as they could possibly be, and still seen people come out okay on the other side of those awful experiences. Battered, perhaps, and maybe beat-up a bit, but they’re going to be okay.

This isn’t just mindless “happy talk” – Susan has seen it; she’s lived it. And audiences can sense this, and react with gratitude and affection.

Susan’s first book, The Fireman’s Wife, published by Hatchette Books in 2006, still enjoys good sales today, and her second book, Firestorm, is almost completed, and will be available soon.

Let us know what your group’s needs are, and we would be happy to tell you if we think Susan would be a fit.